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DATE: 16 Jun 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
DISTANCE: 1.9/90.1/21.1

Ironman 70.3 Cairns is a long course triathlon held in coordination with Ironman Cairns in Queensland.

Ironman 70.3 Cairns features a course memorable for the swim in the warm waters of Tropical North Queensland, the bike leg that travels up arguably the most scenic coastal roads in Australia towards Port Douglas and run that includes the Cairns boardwalk before finishing in the heart of the city of Cairns. 

The 2023 IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns has 30 Age Group qualifying slots for the 2023 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships on 26-27 August 2023 in Lahti, Finland.



Daniel McDonnell04:01:55
Rhys Corbishley04:05:02
Thomas Page04:05:52
Rosie McGeoch04:31:00
Lauren Hume04:35:45
Danyella Eberle04:36:23
Jamie Huggett04:05:42
Daniel McDonnell04:07:32
Tim Ballintine04:09:18
Ellen Guiney04:33:53
Joanne Ritson04:38:09
Sarah Howe04:42:14
Matt Kerr04:00:14
Jason Hamilton04:16:32
Rob Dendle04:20:33
Romy Wolstencroft04:37:47
Ellen Guiney04:44:25
Lesley West04:54:33
Nathan Dortmann04:15:06
Damien Bulters04:29:20
Jason Hamilton04:29:40
Margo Mackintosh04:52:51
Georgina Wright04:57:05
Sarah Richmond05:03:50
Samuel Beveridge04:17:53
Joshua Mundy04:20:23
Edward Vining04:22:04
Vanessa Murray04:39:55
Judit Koronika04:45:53
Tatiana Marinho04:52:56
Simon Hearn04:09:00
Hayden Armstrong04:12:46
Brock Millard04:13:33
Laura Armstrong04:34:53
Jane Fardell04:44:34
Briarna Silk04:47:42
Dan Plews04:09:03
Andy White04:11:02
Simon Nash04:14:03
Madi Roberts04:32:25
Renee Kiley04:37:59
Esther Barker04:40:04
Paul Speed04:19:16
James Ogilvie04:19:59
Trent Dawson04:26:05
Jacqueline Henricks04:31:23
Emily Loughnan04:39:15
Bonnie Atherton04:46:34
Sam Appleton03:48:55
Craig Alexander03:52:57
Tim Reed03:55:39
Caroline Steffen04:19:41
Annabel Luxford04:26:56
Katy Duffield04:32:47
Brad Kahlefeldt03:50:54
Tim Reed03:51:22
Clayton Fettell03:53:18
Candice Hammond04:24:03
Kiyomi Niwata04:28:48
Anna Russell04:31:52
Courtney Atkinson03:56:34
Brad Kahlefeldt03:57:26
Tim Reed03:59:54
Sam Warriner04:39:19
Kiyomi Niwata04:40:25
Ange Castle04:45:41
Pete Jacobs03:55:51
Peter Loveridge04:08:49
Josh Rix04:09:34
Michelle Wu04:30:00
Matilda Raynolds04:34:56
Jacinta Worland04:36:06

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